Sunday, February 06, 2005

Another Sunny Sunday

Morning all!

Sipping my decaf cappacino at the Elephant House (where else) and gearing up to complete my poem due for the Dunderheid's 'zine on Tuesday. I'll head back to my room and get pen to paper.

Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is and finally bought a new bed. Yay! I also found a perfect wee table for my its and bits, which is so much nicer than using a stack of empty boxes. Only £18 and it was small and light enough to carry onto the number 16 bus without causing a health and safety hazard to any other passengers.

My room is more spacious having removed all the old boxes and yet it still retains compulserary coziness. And when the loft bed is set up it will bring a whole new look to the room.


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